The Hellwinter Wolves

Bjorn the Fell-HandedDSC_0579

While he does not have many options, viagra sales there there is more then enough flavor in his choices of heavy weaponry. Between the Assault and Helfrost Cannons, it is a difficult decision, however the Helfrost pictured here does provide a well rounded and versatile approach before wading into close combat with Trueclaw.

The Brotherhood of the Fell-HandedDSC_0577

The Brotherhood is made up of Bjorn himself, buy as well as two additional Venerable Dreadnoughts. Both Dreadnoughts are similarly equipped, foregoing all ranged ability in favour of the potent combo of the Blizzard Shield and Fenrisian Great Axe.

Arjac and his Shield BrothersDSC_0569
This formation is rather straightforward, eight Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield Terminators, loaded into a Landraider Crusader. When fighting in support of another close combat squad, these juggernauts really shine.

Wolf Guard Void Claws
The void claws certainly earn their name, swift and vicious. With them arriving first turn and aiding in the delivery of additional deep strike troops, they more then just pull their weight.

Fire Raptor GunshipDSC_0602
This glorious beast provides air support, ground attack and anti flyer support for the Hellwinter Wolves. Versatile and deadly, the Fire Raptor very truly represents the brutal spirit of the Vlka Fenryka.

Caestus Assault RamDSC_0610

The Caestus is a mighty flyer, designed to ram and board voidships, unleashed upon ground forces and full to the keel with assault ready space marines, it is truly devastating. In this army it is used to ferry the Great Wolf himself along with his entourage of Wolf Guard Terminator, to the thickest of the fighting.

Cerastus Knight Castigator
The Castigator is a fearsome opponent in close combat, the potent combination of stomp attacks and his mighty sword make him a force to be reckoned with. At range the Castigator bolt cannon provides solid fire support as the mighty God Machine strides across the battlefield.

Deimos Pattern Whirlwind Scorpius


With a potent combination of fearsome reach and frightening firepower, the Whirlwind Scorpius is the natural choice for the forces of the Rout. The drum fed Scorpius Launcher, loaded with the arcane and ancient implosion warheads, makes the Scorpius a true threat to both heavy infantry and light vehicles.


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